Hawaii has made some changes to its Food Handler laws. The changes go into effect September 2018, but it's important to understand the changes now so you can be prepared.

Here is some important information about the changes.

Who needs to be trained?

At least one employee present at every food establishment during normal work hours (including during food preparation) must have a formal food handlers training level certificate.

Who is not required to have a First Principles Food Handler Card?

  • Employees of food establishments deemed by the health department to pose minimal risk of causing, or contributing to, foodborne illness based on the nature of the operation and extent of food preparation.
  • Employees who are already Certified Food Protection Managers - Employees of food establishments that are inspected by another federal, state or county regulatory agency, provided that the agency has entered into a memorandum of understanding or a memorandum of agreement with the director and the agency maintains regulatory responsibility for the establishment
  • Employees of a food establishment that sells or otherwise distributes only prepackaged foods that are not potentially hazardous food (time/temperature control for safety food) manufactured and packaged in a food establishment permitted by the director or otherwise approved by an equivalent agency in another jurisdiction
  • Employees of a food establishment that sells or otherwise distributes only pre-packaged frozen confections
  • Employees of a food establishment that sells or otherwise distributes only not potentially hazardous hot beverages served directly into sanitary single service articles

What types of establishments are covered?

  • Any place or portion thereof, maintained, used, or operated for the purpose of storing, preparing, serving, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, or otherwise handling food for distribution at retail or wholesale to the public
  • Any place or portion thereof, used in support of and in conjunction with any other food establishment
  • Child care, adult care, home kitchens and bed and breakfast locations

When will this be implemented?

Enforcement begins September 2, 2018. Normal non-compliance penalties/fines apply. Food Handler Cards must be made available to inspectors upon request.

Is the food handler program from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals accepted?

First Principles for Food Handlers which is ANSI/ASTM Accredited is accepted, and/or any food handler training program accredited by ANSI, under the ASTM E2659-09 Standards. NRFSP Food Safety Manager Certification can also be used.

For more information, visit www.NRFSP.com/food-handler.

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